Facebook Lite (FB Lite) app allows you to save space on your phone and use Facebook on 2G network or slow internet conditions. Majority of Facebook features are available on the app such as sharing to timeline, reacting to photos and posts, searching for people and brands, editing your profile, pages and groups, send or accept friend requests, like and follow pages, receive notifications and more.
Earlier today I published an article about Facebook Messenger’s new, somewhat improved home screen. But despite the company’s attempt at some cleanup, I came away with the same feeling I’ve had for months: Messenger has transformed into a bloated mess. Commenters on that story agree, and so does pretty much everyone I’ve asked here at Vox Media’s New York office. Here is my boy apk version, If you’re tired of Messenger Day and seeing games you’ll never play, I come to you with good news: there’s a much simpler version of Facebook Messenger that strips out all the nonsense.

That version is called Messenger Lite. And it’s not exactly a secret. Over 200 million people are using it around the world. But it’s not available in the United States and elsewhere, so a lot of you might be oblivious to its existence. Heck, I’d forgotten about it until someone mentioned it in the comments.

Messenger Lite is a dramatically simplified version of the app that’s “faster, uses less data, and works in all network conditions.” Those are Facebook’s own words. Who wouldn’t want this? Remember what Messenger was like two or three years ago? This is basically that. There are three tabs: Home, Contacts, and Profile. Home is a straightforward list of your Messenger chats (with a helpful “Active Now” row of people currently online). Contacts is a massive list of your Facebook friends which I think is organized based on who you’ve talked to most recently. Next to everyone’s name, it shows when they were last active on Messenger. And the Profile section is just where you handle settings, notifications, and so on. Pretty simple.